The fall of our generation-my opinion.


I am a firm believer in ‘out of sight,out of mind’ , thus i have taken it upon myself to post all my book reviews on my Facebook page as well as my Instagram uploads;i recently set up a survey and shared it with my ‘friends’ on Facebook and i am shocked to see that none of them took the time to actually take part in the survey-its just a simple questionnaire to establish how many of my social media followers etc actually indulge in the forbidden arts of reading — according to them.
So it has come to my attention that reading is still not seen as ‘cool’ or even remotely ‘cool’,which is kind of sad;I was raised in a home where we didn’t have a computer or gaming consoles so my only form of entertainment really was jumping from page to page;and to be honest i’m glad about it.
When I look around and see these kids now-a-days with their ‘I am myself’ mentality but in actual fact they are all just one big copy and paste plagiaristic essay;it saddens me to see the lack of originality and imagination-following trends on Instagram and so called fashionista personalities.
I take pride in knowing i am 100% myself,from head to toe-and in some shape or form being a literature whore has played its part in me being me,reading not only broadens our imagination but it opens the gates to self-awareness;and in my opinion my generation of young adults lack a sense of self-awareness;thus being easily influenced by so called ‘social acceptance’ and what is trendy and what is not-and clearly being the bluestocking is not on that list.
Don’t get me wrong though,not all of the youth are doomed to the gallows-but the scale is tipping the other way.

I recently corresponded with one of my fellow bibliophiles on Instagram and asked her if she wouldn’t mind telling me why she enjoys reading;so here follows the reply from the oh so lovely _Seliah Jimenez_:

“I think many readers will give the same answer as to why we read, we read to escape. To travel to different worlds, times, planets, universes, and countries just through the power of words. I read because these words make me use my imagination to visualise that world around me.

Books are a powerful and beautiful drug, containing so many words that can change the world. It’s an amazing feeling to swim in a sea of words while they also slowly build lives around me, to know there is a possibility that a book or even sentence could change how I feel and see everything around me.

I read to open my mind and see from new perspectives, to obtain new ways of thinking, and understand the actions of others. I read to be around people that are going through similar situations, so that we concur our problems together. Reading gives us friends to escape with when we feel alone, but also friends to connect with outside of books.

The beauty in books, is that they don’t all have happy endings. Even if there is a happy ending, these characters go through extremely tough and trying times that help make  whatever the ending may be, more appreciated. Books give life lessons that not everything is perfect, but we can still survive when obstacles keep getting thrown at us and to also show that our actions have consequences.

I read to see what life could be like outside of my comfort zone and to push my own limits to be a better me.

I read because it makes me happy. “

IMG_2001                                                      – Seliah Jimenez –

Now to me that sounds like a good enough reason to pick up that little paperback and blaze through that damned thing like a field on fire.
My greatest wish in life would be for everyone and anyone just to pick up a book and finish it,from cover to cover;from the boring introduction all the way through too the build up and dive in head first to meet the climax head on,breaking the water of the conclusion with a gasp of invigoration,feeling the words burn in their lungs and enjoying every minute of it. This is the only way we can be taught compassion,guilt,love,anger and even ridicule;and in our day and age we all can stand in line and receive a second helping of magnanimity.
This post will probably not have any influence in your life what-so-ever,but from a 23 year old gunsmith from Cape Town,I think every young adult needs to manifest a brain and drop the heard mentality,be yourself and blaze your own trail.

Just a big thanks to Seliah for taking the time to answer that simple little question so beautifully-thank you my dear;if anyone wants to check out Seliahs Instagram page her handle is _@seliahreads_ .



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