Classics-still a classic!

3 classics from my collection including the Shakespeare collective works.

I love my classics,from Jules Verne all the way to Harper Lee. Lately I have been confining my “To be read” pile to mostly classics,it seems the narrative writing style of the olden days attract me the most. So for a classic junky like myself it’s pure bliss when i can stroll into my local literature emporium and snag one of these beauties of the shelf for next to nothing-I love it;so when I stormed out of a cinema house a couple of weeks ago wanting to explore the ever growing Exclusive Books in my area,i walked away with a pretty decent haul of some classics and a complete works collection by Shakespeare,once at the till i was greeted by a lovely looking lady who graciously assisted me even though the beepers went off about 4 times-i felt like a book thief,but alas-it was all sorted out in no time;but i am digressing a bit here–rant done!

The Last of the Mohicans
The Last of the Mohicans

I guess what this whole post is about is the fact that it feels like all these classics are fading into the recesses of the ever growing snow ball of books being published,and personally i think its a shame,it seems the only serviceable trait they seem to have now-a-days is confined to some silly ‘famous author quotes” google search result,and that sucks. I love them,and even if Jules Verne’s over sharing of nonessential information gets a bit on my nerves at times,or the fact that Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe was the most strenuous read ever to grace these eyes-i just don’t care;each classic in my collection has its own character,its own personality,a certain panache if you would. Long live the classics!IMG_1777 A post of no value what so ever.


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