So after long and many a sleepless night,I have decided my opinion should matter,yes we as literature fans/enthusiasts/devotees/admirers/lovers/experts/aficionados and connoisseurs love to give critique.So here is my attempt at it.This is the collective thought of a convicted Bibliophile trying to spread the joys of reading,from one corner of the world to the other,collecting pieces of literature as I go along and placing my thoughts and opinions out there for you to enjoy,criticise or even debate. As I’m typing this oh so trivial post;i am enjoying the sporadic sunshine we as Capetonians endure during these winter days in Cape Town,I have a lovely cup of java on my right and a pack of twenty Peter Stuyvesant filter on my left-for the nerves. A few weeks ago I was stalking around my place of dwelling like a fox out on a hunt,trying to ascertain just what and how I want to start off this oh so dreamy dream of mine-then it hit me,for those few hopeless souls out there who see us entering a book store,it must be quite a big shock once they realise some of us,most of us,spend as much money in there as they do on ridiculous outdoor music festivals;so it dawned on me,there would probably be some non-readers who stumble upon this article and not fully understand just why we as readers/bibliophiles/bookworms spend so much time and hard earned cash on a pile of pages with ramblings of some person,in some country,about some person in some country. So for the inception of this blog i thought I would start it off with the fundamentals-why do we read? I am sure for most of you readers out there the main reason would be the same as mine-to escape,for those few minutes or even hours you take over someone else’s life,we amerce ourselves in a life we wont ever be able to experience in our life time,whether it be in 1945 or in 2190-for the duration of that novel we become someone else. I find myself pondering over the reason why we as humans have the need for that,well not all of us,I have come to the conclusion that we are thrill hunters,we want to feel alive,we want to feel important. A office worker living out a routine life has the opportunity to break away from the beaten path and strap on a golden breast plate depicting battles long forgot,feel the leather reigns of his jet black stallion protesting against his commands-feel the beasts muscles contract and relax in unison as he nudges on its flanks. A shy boy of 16 years can immerse himself next to a beautiful venetian girl as he traces the lines on her face,from the subtle blemishes on her cheeks all the way to her big,bright,intelligent eyes,the way she covers her mouth when she laughs from the pits of her soul-oh to only taste those beautiful lips. He tells himself he will learn each and every corner of that beautiful face until it burns the image straight into his skull. Those are the moments we feel most alive. And for hundreds of years authors have transported us into those moments,and I like that,and obviously you do as well my fellow reader.And thus we buy and read new and exciting plots to feed the addiction,like a junky we fiend for our next fix of non-reality.Its all just so exciting!! My love for the literal arts started when i was a young boy and the first actual book I read from cover to cover was Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban-i loved it;and so I was hooked,I spent as much time in the local library as I could,naturally my friends never knew about this new addiction of mine.Instead of throwing rocks in a pond,I was hurtling 100000 miles an hour in outer space with new and exciting words lurking around the corner-and I loved it. Not only did reading give me something to do,but it shaped my mind to what it is today. So to conclude-we read because we are human and everything that comes with that.To grow mentally comes with living out someone else’s life,to become conscious of details we never knew we could possibly take in and absorb,to broaden our minds beyond what WE see and feel-so in,turn reading not only broadens our intellect,but it opens the doorway for people to understand each other just that little bit more. Just a special thank you to Nikita Langenhoven for her constant motivation and awesomeness before and during this whole blog business;if not for you I would have given up on this idea-much love my dear. All my ‘branding’ and logo design was made by the oh so beautiful Emma Ilic-a super talented and oh so humble graphic designer from the beautiful country of Serbia-to check out more of her awesomeness you guys can hit her up on Instagram — @emma_xo —Thank you my dear for capturing my vision in all your art work xo xo I hope you guys enjoyed this post,if you guys have any recommendations or appraisals or even want to complain about something(yes i do welcome those)leave a comment,subscribe or even follow me on Instagram. Sit back,put your feet up and enjoy the ride! -E


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